Missing forms after update

Hi All
I have just reactivated my older NSB Studio version of and updated to When I open the file with “open older projects” I get no form, i.e. my form is empty. Correspondingly empty is my project when I save it again (Save as). Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

Run the project and have a look in the Chrome Console. Any messages?

No there is no messages and I see my form. Also if I open with Version I see my form. In Version it is blank.

My project has been dormant for a long time and now I have time and would like to bring it to an end with the current version. But without a visible form this goes badly.

I must specify: In the desktop browser (Chrome) there is no error message and I see the form. Only in NSB AppStudio the form is blank i.e. the controls are not visible.

@bfkonnekt - Do you use jQuery Mobile controls?

Yes, I did.

See this thread - it’s time to retire jQM:

Bussen.appstudio.zip (60.4 KB)

Yes, you’re using jQM controls. Did you read though that other issue?

I checked the other options. The controls are different. So I need to check which controls meet my needs.

The Framework Converter can help here.

Many thanks!