Mobile push notifications

How would I go about using mobile push notification with appStudio? I know the Sample push project (I think it is a web push) is outdated. Has there been an updated one, espc. for Javascript? The goal - have the app that is running on a phone (via the Volt server) send a notification to the phone based on something that happens in the app.

This article looks like a good place to get started:

Did you get anywhere with this? Any guidance/tips?

no I didn’t.

I have push notifications working in 3 or 4 apps (which I need to update). Here’s what I will tell you - It’s a real PITA to get it working. Lots of moving parts but once you get it working, it’s really easy to duplicate the process.

I use google to push to both ios and android. This was easier than using both Apple APNS and Google. On the Google side, setting up android is really easy, iOS was not much harder.

The server side you have to realize there’s a difference in the payload but it’s pretty manageable. One script can break out the payloads, call google and do the error checking (you’ll need to error check for uninstalls).

On the app side, I use cordova-plugin-push which has just okay documentation and no debug mode. You’ll have to console.log everything in the app so you can see what’s coming in and how you’re processing it.

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Thanks sounds good!