New version won't open

I just downloaded and installed the latest version (8.4…) and it will not open.
I tried 2 times with no success. To test if it was something to do with my computer, I reinstalled version 8.3 and it opens right away.
Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

Have a look at this thread:

additionally, the previous versions have all been in the 80,100 KB range. the newest version is only 67,229 KB. Is the new version really smaller or is it likely they all didn’t load? but I didnt get any error messages . . . just saw the reply from appsudiosupport, will look at thread. thx.

Before uninstalling, I wanted to make sure all my project files would not be deleted.
I found them in a folder that should be unaffected by the uninstall. However, just to see
if they were the right forms, I tried to open the forms and they didn’t open in AppStudio - they
opened in Visual Basic?! Is it bad to have Visual Basic and NSB AppStudio on the same computer?

They won’t be deleted when you delete AppStudio, unless you saved them in AppStudio’s directory in Program Files.

There is absolutely no problem having both Visual Studio and AppStudio on the same system.

Update: The uninstall + cleaning out the program files then reinstalling worked. Opened as expected. Thank you.