Push notifications possible in PWAs


I see in the Wikipedia on PWAs they say

“Functionality includes working offline, push notifications, and…”

Is Push notifications something we can do in AppStudio PWAs?


Hi… If I understand correctly when you say PWA, it means that you have a system composed by a web page and an Android or IOS app correct?

If so, as far as I know NSBasic provides native connection with pushwoosh (in fact I think there is an example about that) which is a push service

In my experience, I prefer to use One Signal. This is free and relatively easy to implement. I already implemented in my android and IOS apps (using phonegap), and I know that you can implement it in your web page using javascripts, but I didn´t have the necessity to implement it yet.

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Push Notifications can be used in AppStudio apps - PWA or otherwise. As @Gonzo_Moco pointed out, we include a sample, perhaps somewhat dated, using PushWoosh. One Signal and others should also work.


The PushWoosh sample’s description said it needed to be in a PhoneGap app. Not the case obviously.


Good point! Yes, there is more to this question. PWAs have a Service Worker involved with them.