Push notifications possible in PWAs

I see in the Wikipedia on PWAs they say

“Functionality includes working offline, push notifications, and…”

Is Push notifications something we can do in AppStudio PWAs?

Hi… If I understand correctly when you say PWA, it means that you have a system composed by a web page and an Android or IOS app correct?

If so, as far as I know NSBasic provides native connection with pushwoosh (in fact I think there is an example about that) which is a push service

In my experience, I prefer to use One Signal. This is free and relatively easy to implement. I already implemented in my android and IOS apps (using phonegap), and I know that you can implement it in your web page using javascripts, but I didn´t have the necessity to implement it yet.

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Push Notifications can be used in AppStudio apps - PWA or otherwise. As @Gonzo_Moco pointed out, we include a sample, perhaps somewhat dated, using PushWoosh. One Signal and others should also work.

The PushWoosh sample’s description said it needed to be in a PhoneGap app. Not the case obviously.

Good point! Yes, there is more to this question. PWAs have a Service Worker involved with them.

Would every user of my apps have to go through the setup stages of codelab?

The Google article is for developers to add push notifications to your app. Your users won’t need to know how to do this.

Whoa. I’m way out of my depth here. Is there likely to be an example project for receiving notifications in a PWA coming anytime soon?

It’s on the list, but not near the top right now.