Voltbuilder & SMSsend error


Trying the CordovaSmsSend sample app with volt builder.

:og file

VoltBuilder run started at 2021-02-03 06:56:27.408222
Plan: Indy - AppStudio
Preflight Check
e[4me[1me[32mcordova-sms-plugine[39m@e[32m1.0.0e[39me[22me[24m | e[32mMITe[39m | deps: e[32mnonee[39m | versions: e[33m10e[39m
Cross-platform plugin for Cordova / PhoneGap to to easily send SMS. Available for Android, iOS and WP.

keywords: e[33mcordovae[39m, e[33mphonegape[39m, e[33msmse[39m, e[33mecosystem:cordovae[39m, e[33mcordova-androide[39m, e[33mcordova-wp8e[39m, e[33mcordova-iose[39m, e[33mcordova-windowse[39m

.tarball: e[36mhttps://registry.npmjs.org/cordova-sms-plugin/-/cordova-sms-plugin-1.0.0.tgze[39m
.shasum: e[33md5f6825696df02ad88b1447902377ccf2b0bb80be[39m
.integrity: e[33msha512-DdRf1zdJkwC9BJ3fVg2yx/faoW5eOscg6oFIWODfOIBu5AQ1oV6+gsGTO5pHVLBzlt5V8U9zG9PwhR1IbnW/EQ==e[39m
.unpackedSize: e[33m28.3e[39m kB

- e[33mdbaqe[39m <e[36mdidier.baquier@gmail.come[39m>

e[1me[32mlateste[39me[22m: 1.0.0

published e[33mover a year agoe[39m by e[33mdbaqe[39m <e[36mdidier.baquier@gmail.come[39m>

Error: Plugin 'cordova-sms-plugin' is under review.
We are examining it now and will email you when it is approved - usually within a day.
Build b1b87ede-507d-42dc-9ff5-98fb9c0a441f failed

The message is as it says.

VoltBuilder has a list of almost a thousand plugins which we have checked to make sure won’t cause problems.

We checked out cordova-sms-plugin and added it to the list.

Ok thanks I’ll play later.


got the app installed on Android.
When I try to send Native ( Android ) I get User has denied permission.
Where do edit / create the permissions within appStudio ?

Where exactly are you seeing this message? (A screenshot would help)

It when I hit the send button with Android ( native ) selected.

The Android device is at work. I’ll send screen shot tomorrow

Ah! So it’s on the actual device.

Connect the Chrome Remote Debugger and see what’s on the Console. I bet there are more detailed error messages.

Doesn’t show any errors relating to the button click.

Spec for the Android device

That message is return by cordova-sms-plugin. Here are the docs on that:

Look at the FAQ section - there are some notes specific to Android.

Where does the permissions go within the app ?

Any examples ?

I’m using the app in house so no need for the play store stuff.

Anyone point me in the right direction?

Have you implemented the code to handle permissions? The plug in docs provide an example in section ‘On Android, two extra functions are exposed to know whether or not an app has permission and to request permission to send SMS (Android Marshmallow +).’

I haven’t implemented them in the app ( I assumed it would be in the example ).

Is there an example of what do and where to put the code ?

I see:

var app = {
    checkSMSPermission: function() {
        var success = function (hasPermission) { 
            if (hasPermission) {
            else {
                // show a helpful message to explain why you need to require the permission to send a SMS
                // read http://developer.android.com/training/permissions/requesting.html#explain for more best practices
        var error = function (e) { alert('Something went wrong:' + e); };
        sms.hasPermission(success, error);
    requestSMSPermission: function() {
        var success = function (hasPermission) { 
            if (!hasPermission) {
                sms.requestPermission(function() {
                    console.log('[OK] Permission accepted')
                }, function(error) {
                    console.info('[WARN] Permission not accepted')
                    // Handle permission not accepted
        var error = function (e) { alert('Something went wrong:' + e); };
        sms.hasPermission(success, error);

Where does this code go and where do I configure Android permissions ?

Tip : If you’re pasting code, html or config files, surround the code with triple back ticks (```), before the first line and after the last one. It will be formatted properly.

Since this code will be executed on startup, you can put it anywhere. Global Code is certainly a good candidate.

I have added the code but nothing happens when compiled to Android.
Checking this

I presume I need to add a AndroidManifest.xml file to the app.
Where do I add this and what is the syntax to request SMS permission please.

Anyone have a simple sms app showing setting up the permissions and the AndroidManifest.xml

The AndroidManifest.xml file gets created automatically by VoltBuilder (actually, it’s Cordova that does this, after being called by VoltBuilder).

The VoltBuilder docs have examples of permissions - could be a place to start.

I know others have done this - if you have specific code, please add it.

I tried v8.530 ,under webservice,emailskypephonesms sample with success in android platform on my vivo phone.u can give it a try!