Xcode / Android Studio


when using AppStudio plus VoltBuilder…

Is it necessary to install Xcode and Android Studio to publish to iOS and Android AppStore?

Everything done by VoltBuilder, right?

Thank you!



Think I found the answer here:

So, are there any advantages having Xcode and/or Android Studio installed?


There isn’t any need to install Xcode or Android Studio if you are using VoltBuilder.

VoltBuilder has its own copies of these tools in the cloud - all properly configured and kept up to date.

George, thank you!

I wondered if an advantage might be to be able to use the device simulators or so…

But perhaps that does not make any sense?!

I find it better to work on actual devices than simulators. They are much faster and more accurate.

To test different screen sizes, I put Chrome Desktop into device mode and set the size there.

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And Cordova-plugins etc. would not work anyway.

Thx for your support!

…you need Xcode to enable Developer Mode on iOS16


This does not work on my iPad:

…as I cannot enable Developer Mode - it is missing!

I have downloaded an app natively built using Volt.Builder, but the app icon does not look as usually when trying to start the app I get the following message:

“Developer Mode Required - Ap requires Developer Mode to run. Until Developer Mode has been enabled this app will not be available for use.”

But here is no Developer Mode… :frowning:

On my iPhone, there is - but not on my iPad (latest iOS version).

I could enable it via Xcode - but I do not want to install it… any idea?



There are many solutions using other 3rd party tools; e. g.:

Hm… maybe I’ll give it a try…

We’ve used the method documented in post above on several iOS 16 devices without any issue. What kind of device are you attempting to do this on and what version of iOS is it?


worked like a charm on an iPhone 8 (iOS 16.4.1).

But not on an iPad (6th generation, iOS 16.4.1).

After downloading the “ios.development.ipa” via the QR cods the app icon looks like this:


Clicking on it I get the following message:


Developer Mode cannot be activated - no option there:

There are many users complaining about that missing Developer Mode option.

The only option seem to be 3rd party products or physically connect the device to a machine running Xcode… :frowning:

When the icon looks like that, it means there’s a problem with the link or the provisioning. Can you share the QR Code with me so I can check that there’s not an issue there?

Have you verified that your app is actually provisioned for the device you’re using? That can often cause an issue like this.


…thank you!

I don’t see anything immediately wrong with your QR Code and the download information. I’m suspecting that this is an issue with your mobileprovision. Can you verify that your iPad is actually part of your mobile provision?

Well… I have just added the iPad as new device within " Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles"…

OK - if that’s the case then you will need to rebuild with an updated mobile provision file and things should work properly.

James, thence you very much.

See the problem, but do not get it running… :frowning:

Generated new provisioning file etc. - but do not know how to get the .p12 file without a Mac.

Will give it another try tomorrow…

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support…